International Academy of Performing Arts and Sciences (formerly ENKOR Jury Board)

The ENKOR Jury Board has been renamed to

International Academy of Performing Arts and Sciences
500+ members from 73 countries on 6 continents

The Members of the Academy are respected and knowledgeable professionals from all sectors: from soloists to educators to conductors to composers to entrepreneurs and executives:

- renowned personalities and rising stars, soloists and award-winning recording artists, judges at major competitions, orchestra and chamber musicians, singers, conductors, composers, arrangers, and orchestrators;
- professors, lecturers, cultural ambassadors, owners of private music academies, advisors, musicologists, and researchers;
- C-level executives at festivals, record labels, artist management agencies, makers and dealers of musical instruments, IP rights management organizations, associations, cultural institutions, expositions, foundations, and social initiatives;
- magazine publishers, founders of music news websites, journalists, radio hosts, producers, and book authors.

Members Directory 
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N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

CO - conductors/composers/arrangers
CH - chamber music
M - musicology/music history & theory/research
MI - music industry
O - organ 
P - piano
PE - percussion
S - strings: double bass, cello, guitar, harp, viola 
SC - social change
V - violin
VO - vocal and choral 
WB - woodwinds and brass