Monday, May 11, 2015

Testimonials - What people say

It was a great pleasure to listen these talented young musicians. In my opinion there are several extraordinary violinists, which should provide all possible support and attention.
- Ivana Aćimoski- Žikić

Some very talented young people!  Bravi tutti!!
- James Ackley

I had a great time listening participants' recordings. My compliments to all of them. Some of the competitors are really good musicians already in spite the fact, that they are very young. Hope this competition will change life of the winners for the better .
- Nargiz Aliyarova

All of the participants I evaluated are extremely talented and show great promise.
- Kevork Andonian

I must emphasize that I am very impressed and pleased with the high level of interpretation and artistic abilities demonstrated by some of the participants.
- Joel Arias

I'm so happy to take part as jury member in your competition and I can confess that it was a big responsibility and honor  for me. Hope all the best for all of them.
- Missak Baghboudarian

This is a great opportunity for young musicians around the world.
- Kristhyan Benitez

The overall level was very high. Thank you for invite me to participate…
- Lucas Rego Borges

It was a pleasure to participate in your project.
- Kristijan Boroš

I want to thank the ENKOR organization for the opportunity to judge this fine competition.  I believe that the idea and structure of this competition will continue to make ENKOR grow and increase its reach across musicians seeking competitive opportunities.  I look forward to working with you again.
- Caterina Bristol

I enjoyed all the wonderful performances and I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this.
- Cindy Bruce

I am very happy to participate to this worldwide competition. All the Best and good luck to this competition and all these young gifted artists!
- Richard Boudarham

I must say the standard was high from all the students but it has shown that a little more maturity in some of the performers has shone through and given their performances a little more edge. I would offer some advice in that candidates make sure that the video they submit shows them in the best light, even if their performance is good, their backing band or accompanist might not be and that takes away from them.
- Douglas Campbell

What a group of wonderful, talented young pianists! It has been a joy to evaluate them.
- Susan Chan

It was a very enjoyable listen as all of the contestants played at a very high level.  Thank you for inviting me as a jury for this year's competition.
- Jennifer Choi

Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this excellent competition.
- John Cipolla

The standard is very high. It is really my great pleasure to be a part of this fantastic competition.
- Tak Chiu

Thank you for the opportunity to listen to the pianists and some excellent piano performing. I have enjoyed it, and I would like to congratulate you for creating this unique competition opportunity.
- James Cook

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this prestigious international competition.  I truly enjoyed listening to a wide array of talent throughout the world…The level of talent exhibit was outstanding.  Three of the applicants were phenomenal musicians...
- Ray Conklin

It was great to hear these performers.
- Timothy Conner

The standard of [name deleted] was exceptional and [names deleted] - too deserve special mention. Thank you for including me in the jury - it was an honour to hear so much talent.
- Saskia Constantinou

I was very glad to help out, and admire the amazing talent of your participants.
- Nicolas Costantinou

I have enjoyed listening to the contestants. They have shown high level on piano abilities, specially students from the age range 12-15 years old. Some of them have impressed me so much.
- José María Curbelo

Thank you for this great opportunity to listen young talents.
Lots of compliments for your big work.
- AnnaChiara d'Ascoli

Thank you for inviting me to judge!  It was great to see all of the amazing talent!
- Nathan Dishman

A great field of candidates! I look forward to judging next year as well. Thank you!
- Timothy M. Dueppen

Thank you for this opportunity to serve on the jury! 
There are so many wonderful students who are participating -- it is so encouraging to hear so many amazing young artists.

Bravo on bringing this competition to the world!
- Ann DuHamel

I enjoyed taking part in this judging.  Please consider me again!,
- Jan Eberle

Thank you for including me in this year's panel of judges. I very much enjoyed listening to all the talented young musicians who entered the competition.
- Patty Fagan-Miller

It was a pleasure to listen to these gifted young artists. It would be a pleasure to serve again in the future.
- Christopher Fisher

I much enjoyed listening, there was some very good piano playing amongst them.
- Graham Fitch

So passionate performances. I hope that the scores reflect their levels and achievements. Thank you for your confidence. I have a great pleasure to have listened to all the candidates.
- Masaé Gimbayashi-Barbotte

I enjoyed hearing these young pianists. In the light of the Tchaikovsky Competition that just took place in Moscow, there are so many discussions about the validity of competitions in general and in music in particular. With all the pro and con, I beleive the competition you run will encourage many young people to continue their magical journey in music.
- Sophia Gilmson

It has been a great pleasure and some really wonderful talents amongst the participants.

- Guðný Guðmundsdóttir

Thank you for letting me participate in the adjudication process. Many of the young pianists that I just heard are exceptional performers!

- Susan C. Ha

Very fine applicants.
- Paul Haar

I look forward to helping more in the future!
- Sheryl Hadeka 

Thank you for the privilege of being a judge in the competition. There were many extremely talented musicians, and I was honored to have the opportunity to listen to them. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
- Ronald Horner

I really enjoyed watching the talented individuals and many of them exceeded my expectations...  Maybe one day you will have a composition section and I would love to assist with that in anyway possible.
- Greg Jackson

The technical level in most candidates is in my opinion very high. Thank you for engaging me in your jury board. Many youngsters are technically already at a very high level, I personally appreciate more the personal touch in interpretation and that's why for me [name deleted] was the most amazing discovery! I enjoyed her performances most! [name deleted] is my second great favorite.
- Heli Jakobson

It was wonderful to hear so many fine musicians. I thought the level of performance was very high, and I had to listen very critically for errors and weaknesses.
- Ellie Jenkins

It was a pleasure to listen these young and talented pianists. I congratulate them for their success, as well as their teachers. I wish them all the best.Thank you for organizing the competition and giving me the honor to be part of the jury. I wish you many more successful competitions.
- Slagjana Jovanovik

What a great time I had listening (watching) these young pianists! Thank you very much for coordinating this wonderful event!
- Tomoko Kanamaru

It was a great pleasure listening to the participants of the ENKOR Competition.
- Tomoko Kashiwagi

It was a pleasure to participate in the adjudication of this year’s competition.
- Kasandra Keeling

The level was exeptionaly high and I wanted to reword lots of 100s. However I tried to be as objective as possible which is quite difficult in music. Good luck to all the participants and I am very happy to see so many talented pianists - already have some favourites from the list you provided.
- Varazdat Khachatryan

I really enjoyed listening to the various talents.
- Ji Hyun Kim

It was my great pleasure and honor to review the submitted entries for this year's ENKOR competition (2016).

The level was particularly high this year, professionally poised, with many compelling artistic moments.

I was particularly pleased to see how the competition continues to grow and flourish, and inspire and encourage the growth of many talented young musicians globally.
Kyung Kim

The level was incredibly high, and I really enjoyed listening to each contestants.
- Sun Min Kim

Thanks for allowing me to listen to such fine musicians.
- Melissa Koprowski

A very high level of performance. Some competitors did have the opportunity to produce a quite professional recording. I would encourage all those who could afford it to invest in quality audio recording. It was a pleasure to review those talents,
- Michel Kozlovsky

I tried to judge as objectively as possible. All these young and talented people are truly dedicated to music and that actually makes it hard to decide who wins and who doesn't.
- Vladimir Kromin

It was a great pleasure to listen the young talents and vote for them. The future of the concert halls is secured.
- Mihailo Kufoyanakis

Thank you for the opportunity to be a judge at this wonderful competition.
- Gert Kumi

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this process. I truly enjoyed the high level of musicianship exhibited by the contestants and hope to have an opportunity to adjudicate again next year.
- Hollie Lifshey

I am honoured to have the posibility to be involved in such a wonderful initiative. Thank you for including me and hope to return again. Congratulations for the excellent organization of the event.
- Rosgard Lingardsson

Many thanks for having me as part of the judging process!  Best of luck with the competition!
- Shannon Lowe

One thing maybe to consider for next year, put some description on HOW to record. It is tough trying to read through sound quality of a video camera, especially when others obviously used high quality mics.
- Tom Lukowicz

The level was generally very high, and I wish the best for all contestants and thank you kindly for inviting me to join the jury board!
- David Lau Magnussen

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each contestant. To have so many talented young people deeply connecting with their music and wanting to bring beauty into the world through music signals hope for the future. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I will be very interested in the winners of the competition.
- Anna Maria Marzullo

It was a pleasure to listen to such fine players and participate, once again, in this valuable and rewarding process. 
- Kristen Shiner McGuire

I am very happy, that I had this chance to be a part of this fantastic Competition.What a fantastic pianists and young musicians.
- Maryam Mehraban

It was a great pleasure to listen that much talent. Thank you very much.
- Noelia Mendez

It was a pleasure listening to so many talented students. Thank you for involving me.
- Eva Mengelkoch

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each and every candidate and there were several truly exceptional performances. I shall be honoured and happy to assist again in the future in any way I can.
- Plotinos Micromatis

Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to such great performances, and best of luck with the competition!
- Peter Miyamoto

Thank you! All participants are very talented. It was a pleasure to hear all of them.
- Jean Philippe Abreu Molinari

The overall level of the participants I was evaluating was really high! It was a very enjoyable experience listening to all these wonderful young artists.
- Andrea Nikolić

It was a pleasure watching these wonderful performances.  Thank you!
- Carolyn Oh

Congratulations on such an inspiring competition! Everyone did a wonderful presentation, I am very proud and honored, to be able to enjoy art of every one. Special congratulation to the violinist [name deleted]  for her beautiful work, her sound and personality to play, It is special, it moved me. I wish a bright future for each of these young artists.
- Angélica Olivo

I enjoy judging this competition.
- Todd Oxford

Thank you for having chosen me as Jury member. It was a pleasure and I hope to have other possibilities to work with you. I remain at your disposal.
- Martino Pezzolla

It was a pleasure to adjudicate the young violinists.
- Oleg Pokhanovski

What a high level! I tried to do my best.
- David Pons

It was a pleasure to hear these wonderful young musicians play!
- Sarah Porwoll-Lee

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know your competition, and I enjoyed listening to these young players!  I wish you the best of luck and much success as ENKOR grows and develops.
- Mary Posses

Overall, very impressive performances by some very gifted young musicians. I love the energy in their performances and wish them all good luck in their future development and participation in music.
- Carl Rath

It was very hard, because the level is very, very good! Thank you for the opportunity.
- Giovanni Restieri

Thank you for the opportunity to hear these wonderful young soloists! … I very much enjoyed the experience.
- Elizabeth A. Robertson

I greatly enjoyed listening to the wonderful young people in the ENKOR Competition. Thank you for asking me to be a judge.
- Linda Rose

It was a true pleasure to listen to these extremely talented young pianists. Thank you.
- Nicholas Roth

I really had a wonderful time to see and listen all these talented musicians and how they are already performing.  I think it is a great initiative and I hope my contribution is valuable.
- Jos Schroevers

I would like to thank you for the pleasure which I received while listening to the participants of the contest. The level of the participants, especially in group B, is very high.
- Timur Sergeyenia

I thank you for all your efforts and congratulate you for such a well organized event.
- Gulen Ege Serter

This is a wonderful opportunity for all young pianists! Thank you very much for inviting me to be a part of the international  panel team! Looking forward to hear from you about the further development of the Competition.
- Tamara Smolyar

Congratulations for organizing this extra beautiful contest!!
- Lluis Soldevila

Please keep me on the list for next year - I had a great time!
- Gabe Southard

I had a great time evaluating such a great group of talented young musicians. I hope my assessment contributes to the competition!
- Vanguel G. Tangarov

Thank you very much for taking me on board. It has been really enjoyable and interesting experience for me. The level of performers was incredible. It is such a great opportunity to learn about what is happening in the violin field around the world right now. Wishing the Enkor competition the best for the future.
- Ivana Tomaskova

It is my pleasure to work with you and I will continue to support your creative action through ENKOR Competition.
- Lina Tonia

It was a pleasure and Honor to hear so many inspired and hard-working young pianist in this competition! We must continue our fight to keep this Greatest of Arts alive and Kicking in the 21st century…
- Marc Pierre Toth

It was a pleasure to listen to so many talented young pianists.
- Luca Trabucco

It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear the very talented violinists in this competition!
- Christian Vachon

Thanks for the opportunity to assist with the competition.
- Terry Vermillion

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity! Such a talented group of competitors!
- Bill Waterman

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition! It was a pleasure to hear and see such high levels of playing among all of the contestants.
- Valerie Whitney

I am impressed with the high level of the performances and your excellent organization.
- Chi-Chen Wu

It was such a pleasure to listen to so many young talents around the world, thank you for this opportunity.
- IChen Yang

Thank you for inviting me as a Jury Member of the ENKOR Int'l Music Competition. I really enjoy hearing such talented and brilliant young artists.
- Lirza Zaloshnja

Thanks a lot! I'm truly happy to be part of your great competition.

- Natalya Zolotaryova