STOP! Please answer these 3 questions to continue reading this page.

Q: How much it costs to participate in an international competition:
the application fee, transportation, hotel, and all other travelling expenses? More than $100?

Q: How many competitions you need to participate in to get heard and recognized by hundreds of professionals and influential people in the music industry? 1, 5, 10...?

Q: You practise so hard for a competition but on the big day, for some reason, something goes wrong and you are not able to show the jury the very best of your talent. Can this happen to everybody?

If you answered 'yes' to at least 2 of the questions above our competition is suitable for you because:

1. ENKOR is a prestigious international competition and the only cost to participate is the application fee of $100.

2. ENKOR is the only one competition in the world with a Jury Board consisting of 500+ members from 70+ countries on 6 continents!

3. You can show your best without any risk.

Location: online
The contestants will be judged based solely on the submitted recordings. 

ENKOR International Piano Competition

Applications: May 1 - 31
Voting 1st round: June 13 - June 20
Voting 2nd round: June 25 - July 5 
Results: July 15 | to be announced on the ENKOR's website

ENKOR International Music Competition (Piano) is open to contestants of all nationalities and countries up to 25 years.

Age Groups
Category A: up to 10 years 
Category B: 11 to 15 years 
Category C: 16 to 20 years 
Category D: 21 to 25 years 
(as of the Application Deadline)


Repertoire: Free choice (one or more pieces) from the Standard Repertoire: baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary periods. Contestants must perform from memory.

Duration for 
Category A : up to 10 minutes in total
Category B: up to 15 minutes in total
Category C, Dup to 20 minutes in total

The duration of the performed piece(s) excludes applause and going onto or leaving the stage.

If the total duration of the submitted video(s) exceeds the time limits with more than 60 seconds the applicant may be disqualified and his/her application may be treated as null and void. 

Video recordings must be genuinely performed by applicants and may not be edited, nor should any effects be added.  To ensure that poor recording quality does not interfere with jury’s ability to review the material, avoid distortion and ensure that accompaniment is not louder than the applicant (where applicable). You will not be penalized for the quality of your video, although it is important that it is good enough to see and hear you clearly.

Videos should be recorded no more than 18 months before the date of your  submission.

Videos should be available for watching online (YouTube or similar video platform)

When you submit the Application Form, please include the piece/s you are applying with in the format: name of the piece, composer's name, duration. Please also include web link/s below each piece. 

If you submit YouTube links, be sure your videos have the proper settings:
VIDEO MANAGER → videos → Basic Info → from the drop-down menu, please choose "Public" or "Unlisted" instead of  "Private".

The Competition is in two rounds.

1st Round
The first round is a blind audition. Firstly, the submitted video will be converted by ENKOR in an audio MP3 format.  Then, regardless of the duration of the performance, the MP3 audio will be cut off so the track doesn't exceed 4 minutes. Fade in/out effect will be applied if necessary. The duration of the performances of all contestants will be equally limited to 4 minutes in the first round. 

Those contestants who submit more than one piece will have to indicate which piece they prefer to be converted in audio for the first round. 

Please note that in addition to the YouTube links, the contestants are required to send via an email attachment the video that will be converted in audio MP3 by ENKOR or alternatively provide a download link. 
ENKOR's email address:

The Jury will be answering to a simple question: "Do you want more of this?" Answer: Yes/No.

In the first round, the only personal info revealed to the Jury will be the age of the performer.

Passing the 1st Round
In each age group, the contestants who gather at least 50% "Yes" votes will pass the first round. Those who do not pass the first round will receive a certificate for participation.

2nd Round
In the second round the Jury will be judging the video performances thoroughly according to the ENKOR's scoring system.


Grand Prize
The Grand Prize will be awarded to the most valuable competitor, irrespective of the category. The Grand Prize cannot be shared.

First, Second and Third Prize
Prizes will be awarded at each category.
Only one 1st Prize may be awarded, other awards may be divided among more candidates.
The Jury is authorized to award some additional specific acknowledgements.

Diplomas will be granted to all winners.  
Teachers' diplomas by request only.

The prizes will be awarded based solely on the submitted recordings. The competitors have no right to present any objections against the composition of the Jury. 

Jury Board 

Application Fee: $100
The Application Fee is Non-Refundable.

ENKOR Competition Committee reserves the right to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and other information related to the Competition.