Thursday, August 14, 2014

JIYEE AHN: 1st Prize

ENKOR Piano and Violin Competition 2014
JIYEE AHN | South Korea/USA | Age 10 | Violin A
First Prize Winner

Bach, Partita no.2, Allemanda in D minor

Jiyee Ahn was born in South Korea and lived there until July 2013. She moved to U.S.A and now attends in Lee Elementray School in Austin, Texas. She started to take violin lessons at the age of 5, and studied with Yuree Choi in South Korea. After moving to Austin, TX at the age of 9, she began studying with Dr. Brian Lewis and now with Dr. Pasha Sabouri. Jiyee had previously won 1st place for the 2012 Sung Jung Music Competition, 1st place for 2012 Seongnam City Wide Music Competition, 1st place for 2013 KUMF Music Competition, and 2nd place for the 2012 Eumyeon Violin Competition. She was the winner for the audition for the Young Artists Music Festival held by Hudson Foundation, and also the winner of the 2014 Starlight Symphony Young Artists Music Competition. She performed with the Union City Philharmonic of Hudson Foundation in New York and New Jersey in 2013 and with the Starlight Symphony Orchestra in Texas in 2014.

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Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major Op.35, Finale
NOTE: Jiyee Ahn's initial entry was the above Tchaikovsky recording. However, the jury didn't accept it because it's not a complete piece/movement and she sent us her performance of Bach Partita 2.