Wednesday, January 14, 2015


ENKOR Chamber Music Competition 2014
Trio Dionysus | USA 
Second Prize Winner

Alastair Keith Wright | soprano saxophone | Age 23
Dylan Patrick Ward | tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone | Age 21
Juliana Marie Witt | piano| Age 27
Age Group: Category B

Teacher's Name: Taimur Sullivan

Artistic biography
Trio Dionysus has rapidly developed a reputation as a leading ensemble in Winston Salem, NC. Coached by Taimur Sullivan, with additional support from Allison Gagnon, Dionysus has represented the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in several public events, and was selected to participate in a Master Class with renowned pianist Robert McDonald. Dionysus strives to expand the repertoire for this unique and exciting instrumentation through transcriptions and collaboration with active composers of the twenty-first century.

Dionysus is active in community outreach, having given performances at the first UNCSA Community Day, representing the entire woodwind department which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the school. At the request of the Dean of the School of Music, Dionysus also conducted an open rehearsal in front of parents and members of the local community. Both of these public events allowed the trio to showcase a varied repertoire and introduce the unconventional aspect of our ensemble.

The group advanced to the regional division of the Music Teachers National Association Wind Chamber Group competition which will take place in January. The trio will also be featured artists in the UNCSA Chamber Music Festival next year. As they become more established, Dionysus is in the process of planning recitals in the local community, taking new music to wider audiences, and engaging a variety of music-listeners with our distinctive sound.