Monday, July 20, 2015

Adriana Dolata: 3rd Prize, Piano, Cat.B | 2015

Adrianna Dolata, now age 14, started taking piano lessons at age 5. Since July 2008 she has continued her piano education with Sarah Konecsni. Adrianna has made progress over the years and has won several awards at different festivals (Regina Music Festival, Qu’Appelle Valley Music Festival, and Saskatchewan Music Festival) and competitions (Provincial Competition, David McIntyre Contemporary Showcase, and Jean McCulloch Junior Piano Competition).

Specifically, she has won the following scholarships / awards:

RCM Examinations:

Dec 2012 Gold Medal for Grade 5 Piano & Gold Medal for Grade 4 Piano, The Royal Conservatory

Dec 2011  Gold Medal for Grade 3 Piano & Gold Medal for Grade 2 Piano, The Royal Conservatory

Dec 2009Silver Medal for Grade 1 Piano, The Royal Conservatory

Competitions & Festivals:

Jun 2015 1 Provincial Scholarship for Beethoven Saskatchewan Music Festival

May 2015 1 Piano Award for Intermediate Recital piece Regina Music Festival

Mar 2015 1 Qu’Appelle Valley Senior Cup Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

1 Open Piano Scholarship Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

1 Qu’Appelle Valley Piano Medal Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

Jun 2014 1 Provincial Scholarship for Mozart Saskatchewan Music Festival

May 2014 3 piano Awards & Regina Music Festival

2 vocal Awards Regina Music Festival

May 2014 1 piano Scholarship Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

May 2013 3 piano Awards & Regina Music Festival

1 Award in piano duet Regina Music Festival

1 Vocal Award  Regina Music Festival

May 2012 1 piano Award grade 5/6 level Jean McCulloch Junior Piano Competition

May 2012 2 piano Awards Regina Music Festival

Apr 2012 1 piano Intermediate Cup & Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

1 Outstanding Musician Scholarship & Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

1 vocal Scholarship & Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

1 Medal for highest mark in keyboard & vocal Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

May 2011 1 piano Award grade 3/4 level Jean McCulloch Junior Piano Competition

May 2011 1 piano Award Regina Music Festival

Apr 2011 1 piano Scholarship & Intermediate Cup Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

Aug 2010 1st place provincially & SRMTA Music Writing Composition

Honorable Mention nationally CFMTA

May 2010 1 piano Award & 1 Trophy Regina Music Festival

Apr 2010 1 piano Scholarship & 1 Intermediate Cup Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

Nov 2009 David McIntyre Scholarship Contemporary Showcase

Jun 2009 1 piano Award Regina Music Festival

Mar 2009 1 Scholarship & 1 Trophy Qu'Appelle Valley Music Festival

Jun 2008 1 piano Award Regina Conservatory of Performing Arts

Besides studying piano, since 2009, Adrianna has been coming to many retirement homes in Regina to play piano and sing for the senior residents. She and two other students of Sarah Konecsni formed “KSA Piano Trio” in summer 2012, and as a group they have held many concerts for seniors in Regina. Recently, she enjoys being an accompanist for singers and for her high school choir.