Monday, July 20, 2015

Vivian Ni: 2nd Prize, Piano, Cat.B | 2015

In 2015,

Vivian was awarded the 1st places in piano at the 2015 American Protégé International Concerto Competition Intermediate Category in March. Gala concert is in November at the Carnegie Hall.

She’s also been accepted into the National Youth Orchestra Canada for summer training and touring program (55th season) in February.

In 2014, Vivian has accomplished of winning:

Vivian won the first place in the 2014 American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition Piano Junior Category (age 11 to 14), also received the Judges’ Distinction Award, and performed at the Carnegie Hall in May 2014.

Vivian was the winner of the 2014 Debut Atlantic Award for Musical Excellence in March, and performed in PEI in September.

In 2013, Vivian won the the 1st place in piano 13 year old category at the Canadian Music Competition in Sherbrooke, Quebec in June, she also received the Gold medal from RCM Grade 10 piano examination in November. Another Gold medal was awarded to Vivian in 2011 for her Grade 8 piano examination.