Friday, April 8, 2016

Krasnoyarsk City Children's Choir | 1st Prize | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition, Voice - Choirs 2015/2016

First Prize
Score: 90.93  Cat. Choirs  | Russia

Krasnoyarsk City Children's Choir was founded in 1971 by Ludmilla Stebenkova and since then has been directed by her. Since its founding the choir has participated in many famous choral and musical events (e.g. Children's of the World in Harmony, 1999, the World of Children's Choirs, 2001, Songbridge, 2006, Eurotreff, 2011, etc.) has untertaken several 2 and 3-month North American tours (under the name of the Little Eagles of Siberia), participated in Europa Cantat and IFCM events, is the winner of Children's Choirs categories of CIT Tolosa (2003), Cante al Mar (2012), the owner the the Grand Prix (the Artek Sparkles, the Crimea, 2005, Music an Sea, 2015, Greece). Constant participant of National and Regional Choral and Musiacal events, awarded by numerous prizes.
Ludmilla Stebenkova, the Director has been a devoted choral promoter for over 40 years, cooperates with international choral and musical organisations, choirs, composres in the creation of new pieces, a Head and a member of Jury of numerous national competitions and Festivals.

Conductor: Ludmilla Stebenkova

1. P. Tchaikovskii. It is Truly Fitting     2:42
2. H.C. Jorgennssen. OSANNA      2:20
3. T. Popatenko, S. Esenin.  Birch-Tree     2:10
4. M. Glinka, N. Kukolnik. Passing Song     2:22
5. Jean and Dave Perry. Dansi na Kuimba     2:38
6. Russian Round Dance       0:50
7. Russian Folk Song arr. by V. Sokolov “Ya Paidu li Molodenka” 1:51
8. Russian Folk Song arr. by O. Rosova “You, My Rowan-Tree” 2:10
9. Russian Folk Song  arr. by  A. Loginov “That Cute Young Guy Who Talked to Me”  1:18
10. Russian Folk Song arr. by V. Kluev “Dancing at a Hill Song”  1:15