Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ji Heon Kim | First Prize, Cat A | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition, Woodwinds & Brass 2016

First Prize | Age Group A: up to 18 years
Ji Heon Kim
Score: 92.72 
Korea/USA | Clarinet

Teacher: Larry Guy

Solo de Concours - Andre Messager (6:56)

Hommage a M. de Falla - Bela Kovacs (4:01)

Ji Heon Kim was born in Seoul, Korea on May 7, 2000. He began his musical journey on the clarinet at the age 8. During his middle school years, he was accepted into the all county and all region band. At the start of high school, Ji Heon was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music Precollege program and began studying with Larry. Guy. In 2015, he was accepted into the New York Youth Symphony Chamber Program. He has won the 2016 American Protege International Concerto Competition as well as the 2016 New Praise Festival Competition. He has attended masterclasses by Jon Manasse, Andrew Marriner, Mark Nuccio, and Charles Neidich. He hopes to become a musician when he grows up.