Saturday, July 30, 2016

Natania Fok | 1st Prize | Piano 2016 | Age Group B | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

First Prize
Natania Fok
Teacher: Catherine Donkin
Score: 94.86

Eleven-year-old Natania Fok, a student of Catherine Donkin, began playing piano at the age of four and violin at eight.
She has a keen interest in music, science, mathematics, history and dance. She is a member of her school band and plays clarinet. She is a nature lover, so whenever possible, she likes to go camping and hiking. She also loves watching various documentaries.


Very natural and very beautiful. Bravo!
Excellent!! You played with lots passion and depth!!
This is the real thing! Stunning Mozart and Debussy - ideally she could let the ecstatic pulsing of the Schumann have an even freer rein.
Very Good
Musical and accurate - absolutely adequate sonority and phrasing.
Schumann: Good job bringing out the melody and bass. Keep working toward evenness in the moving notes. Debussy: Thank you for observing the ties! Nice pedaling! Mozart: Great job bringing out the melody notes, but don't ignore the "smaller" ones. Be careful w/ rushing, especially rests. Great energy!
I really enjoyed this rendition, although for my taste the debussy could have more molto rubato in the middle section.
Impressive, style for every piece exactly as I would expect, even in the very difficult (stylistically) Mozart

Wonderful spirit and clarity in the Mozart! Lovely dreamy atmosphere and beautiful tone in the Debussy. Great intensity and some nice colors in the Schumann. I look forward to hearing you many more times in the future!
Well chosen program, Mozart bright and crisp sounding touch, great shading and nuances in Debussy, excellent Schumann.
Very fine technical control, expression and sensitivity!
Mozart: Delightful performance! Wonderful facility and projection of varied moods/character. Control of tempo, articulations, and dynamics superb. Debussy: Sensitive, good balance and voicing Schumann: Exquisite! One of my favorite pieces. Unfortunately, the video cut out after one minute . . .

Sonata in F Major, KV 332, 3rd movement by Mozart, 5 mins

Clair De Lune by Debussy, 5 mins

Faschingsschwank aus Wien Intermezzo Op 26 No 4 by Schumann, 2 mins