Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yaroslav Vodovozov | 2nd Prize | 2017 ENKOR Int'l Woodwinds & Brass Competition

Yaroslav Vodovozov - Flute, 13 yrs
Score: 90.59

Yaroslav Vodovozov is studying in Kyiv Secondary Specialized Music Residential School named after M.V. Lysenko.

He is winner of national and international competitions: ""Vin Venti"" (2016) -I prize "Podilsky Waterfall" (2016) (Vinnitsa) - I prize, "Horizons of the classics" (Kyiv, 2016) - II Prize, ""Classic Meredian"" (Kyiv, 2016) - I prize National competition of performers on wind and percussion instruments named after Nikolai Tymoha (Kyiv, 2017) - I prize, Participant of mastercourse of Barbara Svyatek-Zelazna (Poland).

1.Jules Massenet ""Meditation"" from ""Thais"" - 3,48'
2. Giulio Briccialdi ""The Carnival of Venice"" - 7.06'
3. Jindrich Feld Sonata for Flute and Piano - 4.52'


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