Sunday, July 30, 2017

Doyoun (Angela) Kim | 3rd Prize | Piano 2017 | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Angela, 15, is an LmusA student who attends Santa Sabina College on an academic and full Music Scholarship and studied with the Associate Professor, Gerard Willems of Sydney Conservatorium of Music for over 5 years and also taught by Dr Kirill Monorosi and Dr Christobel Llewellyn on her music study. Angela begun to learn the piano at the age of 7 from her Sunday School Teacher and since the age of 11, she was taught by Professor Gerard Willems at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Last year, she performed her piano concerto in A minor 1st movement by Edvard Grieg with college orchestra in 800 Dominican Jubilee concert and performed various piano pieces at the Great Mountains International Music Festival in South Korea. Angela was awarded the Musician of the Year at Santa Sabina College. Also, she attended Symphonic jubilate Recital Evening at the Marie Bashir School as a guest performer.

In recent achievements, Angela was chosen first prize winner in the 2017 Salzburg Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition in May and the winner of the Bluescope WIN Wollongong Eisteddfod. She also had the opportunity to take part in the Lev Vlassenko International Piano Competition (Little Lev Masterclass). Angela performed the Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor in the ' A Winter Fest 2017 '. Angela was the emerged winner of the 2016 Australian National Eisteddfod for Solo Romantic/Impressionist section and competed in the Open age Championship and Open Age Neta Maughan Bach and Baroque Award in Inner West Eisteddfod. In 2015, Angela won numerous prizes at various competitions such as the Penrith Eisteddfod and St George Eisteddfod which she took first prize in.

Outside of Music, Angela is an Outdoor Leader and enjoys playing soccer and other sports with friends.