Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Stanford Yu and David Hsieh | 2nd Prize | Chamber Music | 7th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

David Hsieh and Stanford Yu are happy freshmen at Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. The twin-like brothers share faith, hope, love, and school lives together. David concentrates on percussion and Stanford plays piano, violin, and viola. They have been teaming up on music ever since they both enrolled to Valley Christian Junior High School last year. They transform their passion from their own instruments to play duet. With a great teacher Tammy Chen, who teaches percussion and piano, David and Stanford become a magnificent team.

David and Stanford enjoy practicing, discussing, and performing music together. Not only do they spend leisure time with each other but also volunteer in various organizations. David and Stanford believe that music is the love to be with at all time. They want to play music and show their love to everyone. David and Stanford had a precious chance to perform their duet piece at the Guidepost Gospel Church on January 10, 2020 in Cupertino, CA, they were so touched when they saw the happiness on the seniors’ face while they’re playing. The two brothers were encouraged to refine their music skills and bring more enjoyment for everyone in the future.

David’s passion with marimba starts when playing marimba chamber at age 8, since then he falls in love with the instrument. David studies with Anthony Cirone and Tammy Chen and is blessed to have private and master classes with great marimba artists Gordon Stout, Weichen Lin, Felix Meyers, Theodor Milkov, and She-e Wu. David currently is the member of Cupertino Symphonic Band, and Uchannel chamber music. David’s awards including: 2019 President Award 100+ volunteer hours, 2017 USIMC Bach/Marimba/1st Place, 2018 Jr. Bach Marimba Chamber, 2018 NLPA Marimba Chamber/Merkin Hall NYC winner concert, 2019 NLPA Young Artist Marimba Solo Gold Award/Carnegie Hall winner concert, 2020 Jr. Bach Marimba Solo winner, 2020 Enkor Music Competition Marimba Chamber 2nd Prize, and 2020 USIMC Young Artist and Special Theme Bach/Marimba/both 1st Place.

Stanford’s musical spirit started on piano and broadened to violin and viola. Stanford currently studies piano with Daniel Cheng and has participated in master classes with tremendous pianists Dr. John Vaugh, Dr. Chih-Long Hu, and Dr. Ning An throughout the years. Stanford has won numerous piano awards since age eight. It includes 1st Place winner of Special Theme Bach Award in 2018 USIMC, 2nd Prize of 2019 New Star Piano Competition, and Gold Winner of 2020 NLPA, a Carnegie Hall performer. Besides piano solo, Stanford is fond of playing duo and trio with his friends. He was also a piano accompanist for marimba concerto in 2020 Jr. Bach Festival. Stanford believes that music is for everyone to appreciate in all kinds of types – solo, duet, chamber, quartet, band, orchestra, etc. He will continue doing it and performing the best for all.

Proudly mentioned that David and Stanford both are Honors Fellow of Conservatory of the Arts at Valley Christian High School 2020~2021.

"Name of the piece: Piazonore

Composer's name: Alexej Gerassimez

Duration: 5 minutes 19 seconds"