Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tiara Abraham | GRAND PRIZE | Voice | 6 Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition


Tiara Abraham
USA, Age 15
Score: 96.25

Quia Respexit (J.S. Bach, 2:50)  
Summertime (Gershwin, 3:30)

Tiara Abraham is a 15-year-old soprano. She began her vocal training as a 7-year-old. At 14, she was admitted as a junior transfer student to 8 universities, like UC Berkeley, USC Thornton School of Music etc. for Bachelor's in Vocal Performance. In Fall 2020, as the youngest University Regents Scholar, Tiara began her 3rd year undergrad at UC Davis. Her vocal instructor is Jonathan Nadel. She plans to graduate in 2022. Tiara has sung in several choirs and has performed solo at international venues at Vatican, Austria, etc. and national venues at Nashville, New York, etc. Her most memorable performances were singing as a (10-year-old) soloist at the Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall and the National Anthem twice for San Francisco Giants in front of about 20,000 people as a 13-year-old. Tiara has won several national and international vocal competitions. Though she is recognized as a soprano prodigy and is a member of the high IQ society, Mensa, Tiara credits her family for the support she gets in her musical and educational journey. Her dream is to become a world famous singer and recording artist and help others with philanthropy. Tiara’s wish is to bring joy to people's lives with her voice and singing.