Saturday, July 15, 2023

Samuel Lu | 1st Prize | Piano | 10th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

 Samuel Lu, a 9th grader at the Rowland Hall in Salt Laker City, Utah.  Samuel started piano when he was three-year old with his parents, both piano professors at the University of Utah. Samuel has achieved many successes in music where he was the first-prize winner of the 2022 MTNA Performance Competition Junior Division and also won the Third prize in the 2023 MTNA Piano Duet Competition. His symphony orchestral debut was winner of the 2019 SummerArts Concerto Winner Concert in Libby Concert Hall at the University of Utah with the Salt Lake Symphony & Choral, performing Mozart Piano Concerto, No. 19, K 459, and Tchaikovsky Concerto no. 1 in 2023. Samuel has a broad interest besides his piano learning including Math and Chemistry.

Sonata op. 10, no. 3, first movement, Beethoven, 5:04. 

Sonata no. 6, 4th movement, Prokofiev, 7:27.