Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bailey Lim | 2nd Prize | Winds & Percussion | 10th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition


My name is Bailey Lim. I am thirteen years old, and I attend Houston Middle School in Germantown, TN. I began my music career when I started playing the piano at four years old. In third grade, I also began playing the drums. In fifth grade, I started playing the flute with Mrs. Myung Kim. Ever since, I have played in many music competitions and in honors band programs. I have made WTSBOA’s All West Band Clinic in all three years of middle school. I have also made Beethoven Club twice: 3rd place last year and 2nd place this year. I have also made the Concert Artist’s International last year, meaning I got the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. I am currently playing the flute in Houston Middle Band and Germantown Youth Symphony Orchestra. I am so excited to try out for the ENKOR Competition, as it could be a big part of my music career.