Monday, July 20, 2015

Anne Liu: 2nd Prize, Piano, Cat.B | 2015

Anne Liu was born in China, and began playing piano at the age of 3 and half. Before coming to the U.S., Anne has won numerous awards and made many accomplishments in China. In 2008, being a second grader, Anne passed Level 10 CM test and was awarded "Excellence". Before her participation, no one was awarded "Excellence" at Level 10 in such a young age. This achievement set a record in the whole nation for being the youngest awarded "Excellence" at age 7.

After coming to the U.S. about five years ago, Anne currently studies piano under the instructions of Mrs. Inessa Litvin. In 2012 and 2013, she won 1st places at the MTAC Sonata Competition. In 2014 Anne won 1st place at MTAC San Diego Concerto Competition and performed twice with the San Diego Great Chamber Orchestra. Traveling to Palo Alto, Anne competed in the International United States Open Music Competition and got 1st place. She was also an Outstanding Gold Medalist during the Winner's Recital. In March, 2014, she made her solo recital debut in Carnegie Hall after winning 2nd place in the International Young Gifted Musicians Festival "Passion of Music 2014".

Anne participated in the 2014 Helen B. Goodlin Scholarship Competition. Being the youngest in her category, she was awarded 1st Place. In the 2014 Los Angeles International Liszt Piano Competition, Anne received the special award of "The Best Performance of Any Opera Paraphrase or Transcription". In December last year, Anne gave two separate solo recitals at Carnegie Hall after winning 2nd places for the solo and concerto American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition.

Out of the several contestants, she was chosen by the La Jolla Music Society to have a master class with pianist Andrew Staupe in August, 2014. She takes part in the "Fanfaire Foundation" to play piano for music lovers. Anne is an active member in this program for over 3 years. In these years, she has played music for some celebrating ceremonies, for kids in the public libraries, for seniors at retirement homes, and for some music lovers at garden/civic clubs and other venues. Besides her love for piano, Anne also enjoys drawing, singing and playing tennis. Anne is currently 13 years old, and encourages children to play and love piano.