Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RESULTS | Woodwinds & Brass 2016 | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all contestants and their teachers. Thank you for participating in the competition. We appreciate all your hard work and effort. 

The wait is over. The ENKOR Academy has decided. And the winners are...

Grand Prize
Score: 96.02 
Bulgaria/Germany | Bassoon

Age Group A: up to 18 years

First Prize
Ji Heon Kim
Score: 92.72 
Korea/USA | Clarinet

Second Prize
Rebecca Park
Score: 92.36 
USA | Flute

Second Prize
Samuel Primack
Score: 92.04 
USA | Flute

Second Prize
Arthur Erdman
Score: 87.69 
Sweden | Bassoon

Third Prize
Dory Li
Score: 84.02 
USA | Bb Clarinet

Third Prize
Gaurav Rane
Score: 81.92 
USA | French Horn

Age Group B: 19 to 25 years

First Prize
Felix Niël
Score: 95.69 
Netherlands/UK | Flute

Second Prize
HyeRyung Lim
Score: 95.61 
USA | Flute

Second Prize
Nahikari Oloriz
Score: 94.70 
Spain | Saxophone

Second Prize
Bhavani Kotha
Score: 93.67 
USA | Oboe

Second Prize
Aileen Razey
Score: 90.10 
USA | Clarinet

Second Prize
Katsuya Yuasa
Score: 90.00 
USA | Clarinet

Second Prize
Megan Bauman
Score: 89.49 
Canada | Saxophone

Third Prize
Lauren Glomb
Score: 82.04 
USA | Oboe