Sunday, February 17, 2019

Wundertrio | 2nd Prize | Chamber Music | 5th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Patrice Calixte, Violin
Cory Blais, Cello
Francesco Barfoed, Piano

Members of the Wundertrio met as they attended the Manchester Music Festival in Vermont during the summer of 2017. Right away, they discovered they all had a common dream of forming a long term group and to have a tour including concerts in their respective hometowns of Copenhagen in Denmark, Montréal in Canada and Columbus, Ohio. Slowly, that dream became a reality and during the summer of 2018, concerts were scheduled in Copenhagen, Montreal, and New Jersey.

The name “Wundertrio” was first proposed as a joke and was then made official as it served two distinct purposes; to give the trio a unifying identity, and more importantly, to serve as a carefree reminder of why they love performing together.

Currently in a “long distance relationship”, with two of its members studying in Austin, Texas, while a third studies in New Jersey, the trio is nonetheless working on future plans for their next series of concerts.

Shostakovich - Piano Trio no. 2 in E minor op.67 III.Largo IV.Allegretto (15'51)

Turina Trio no. 2 in B minor op.76 III. Lento - Andante mosso - Allegretto (5'06)