Friday, July 24, 2020

Angelina Wu | 2nd Prize | Piano | 7th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Angelina Wu is an 8-year-old 2nd grader from Blacksburg, Virginia. She started piano lessons with Mrs. Sonya Ho at Renaissance Music Academy (RMA) in Blacksburg around age of five. Angelina loves playing piano very much and is a very fast learner. After 2 years’ learning, she won the 1st Place Winner award of American Protégé International Piano and String Competition 2019 in the Young Musician category (5-10 years old). Then she performed her award-winning piece at Carnegie Hall in New York City. When she just turned 7, she won the Gold Medal of Steinway Junior Piano Competition 2019, Division I (under 9 years group).

Angelina is a very sweet, kind-hearted young pianist who truly enjoys the communication with audience using music as the language. Besides performing on stages, she also plays at local nursing homes, when her music brought joy, comfort and peace, and is warmly welcomed by older friends there. During this hard time of COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person visits are not possible, Angelina participated in RMA’s music sharing project. She recorded several short pieces and share the videos with nursing home residents and service staff.

Angelina loves to play many genres and her favorite is Romantic. Her interpretation has impressive maturity and spirit that are beyond her age. Chopin is her favorite composer and she is excited to bring two Chopin’s pieces for this competition. Special thanks to Mrs. Sonya Ho for dedicated teaching since 2016, Dr. Hsiang John Tu for masterclass in 2020, and Mrs. Teresa Ehrlich for mini summer session in 2019.

1. Impromptu No. 1 in A-flat Major Op. 29, Frédéric Chopin, 4:25
2. Nocturne No.20 in C-sharp minor, Op. posth., Frédéric Chopin, 4:20