Friday, July 17, 2020

Ayana Fridkin | 2nd Prize | Piano | 7th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Ayana is nine years old and lives in Australia. She started playing piano from age four and is currently studying with Dr. Tamara Smolyar after learning piano with Ms Majella Drew. Ayana has won awards in local competitions.

Ayana showed her interest in music since she was very young. She used to wake up at midnight singing the ‘Alphabet Song’ when she was one. At two she played ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the xylophone by ear. She started playing keyboard and had her first piano public performance at four. At five she performed a solo concert at a local retirement village by playing the keyboard, singing songs and telling jokes. Ayana wrote her first song at age six and by age eight she completed grade 8 piano AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) exams with an A+.

In addition to piano, Ayana enjoys playing guitar, drums and singing. Besides music, Ayana spends a lot of time playing with her brother, reading, building with lego, writing songs, playing chess and coding in Python.

(1) Prelude in C Minor, Johann Sebastian Bach, 1:19
(2) Sonata in D Major: 1st Movement Allegro con brio, Franz Joseph Haydn, 3:34
(3) Bucolics (1, 3 and 4), Witold Lutoslawski, 2:40
(4) Waltz in E minor, Frédéric Chopin, 2:01 (nominated for the blind audition)