Tuesday, May 25, 2021

David Hsieh | 2nd Prize | Winds & Percussion | 7th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

David Hsieh is a student at Valley Christian High School where he is an honor fellow in VCHS conservatory.

His passion with marimba starts when playing marimba chamber at age 8, since then he falls in love with the instrument.

David studies with Anthony Cirone and Tammy Chen and is blessed to have private and master classes with great marimba artists Gordon Stout,

Weichen Lin, Felix Meyers, Theodor Milkov and She-e Wu.

He is the member of California Youth Symphony, Cupertino Symphonic Band and Uchannel chamber music group.

He enjoyed playing for events through out the Bay Area.

David’s awards including:

2017 USIMC Bach/ marimba/ first place

2018 Junior Bach marimba Chamber

2018 NLPA marimba chamber award

2019 NLPA young artist solo competition Gold award 

2020 Junior Bach marimba solo winner

2020 Golden music award first prize marimba solo

2020 Enkor music competition marimba chamber second prize 

2020 grand prize London music award marimba solo first prize 

2020 NLPA Young Artist solo Gold award 

2020 ENKOR competition solo second prize

2020 USIMC first prize 

2021 Golden Music Award first prize

David also enjoying waterpolo,fishing, swimming, hiking, movies and cooking with his family and friends.

Marimba concerto by Emmanuel Sejourne , 6’10”


Oddesa by Matthew Lorick, 4’50”