Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Keegan Neely | 3rd Prize | Winds & Percussion | 7th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

 My name is Keegan Neely, I am a bassoonist located in Portland, Oregon and have studied with Carin Miller for about 2 years now. Playing bassoon has come with a large obstacle of time and time management. Starting in my freshman year on bassoon Definitely set me back from my colleagues but with the help of such a great teacher and organisation such as PYP, I have been able to set my self for success and for a future devoted to music. I would like to pursue music to give more representation of my people in the classical world, where native musicians of the Americas are not common, and have in a sense been tokenised for non-western musical foundations.

Partita in A minor, Allemande, BWV-1013–JS Bach – 2:33 https://youtu.be/dObqRPSGgfc