Saturday, February 11, 2023

Six Cellos | 2nd Prize | Chamber Music | 9th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

In Summer 2022, ""Six Cellos"" has expanded from the previous “Five Cellos” group in Rockville, Maryland, USA. The group is coached by Mr. Ning Wang and consists(from left to right) Yunyi Lin(15), Sarah Mei(15), Jacqueline Cao(17), Kaitlyn Wong(17), Sophia Zhang(15) and Christopher Chow(14), all of whom have had years of individual training with Mr. Wang.

Both Jacqueline Cao and Sarah Mei were in the original “Five Cellos” group chosen as a First Place Winner in the junior category of the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music 2019. Members of the group have collectively received many first place, second place rewards in the following competitions: American Protégé International Music Talent Competition, American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition, ENKOR International Music Competition, Great Composer Best Bach Performance, Metropolitan Music Festival and Great Composer of the 17th Century. All members have also received all-county and all-state orchestra placements. In addition, all members have also participated in the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra, Young Artists of American Orchestra and/or Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra, some as principal cellists. They also routinely perform in charity concerts, at senior centers, church and hospitals, and are happy to give back to the community using their talents.

Nimrod (Adagio)/Enigma Variations

Composer: Edward Elgar
Duration: 4 Minutes