Saturday, July 15, 2023

Michelle Cao | 2nd Prize | Piano | 10th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Michelle Cao is a young pianist and student from Bellevue, Washington. Born in 2007, she started playing the piano at the age of six with Yunbo Cassady and soon discovered her love for music. Under the guidance of Dr. Sasha Starcevich, Michelle's dedication and talent for the piano have led to numerous accolades and recognitions.

In 2022, Michelle won ""Absolute 1st Prize"" at Canadian International Music Competition, 1st place at Glory International Piano Competition, the overall highest mark in preliminary round and 2nd place in gala concert at Pacific International Youth Piano Competition in Vancouver, BC. She also won 1st prize in Franz Schubert International Music Competition and Charleston International Piano Competition. 

Most recently, Michelle won 2nd place at 2023 Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition, American Music Talent Competition and International Grande Music Competition, as well as 1st prize at Orbetello International Piano Competition and Franz Liszt Center International Piano Competition. Besides, she was also awarded numerous top prizes in regional competitions including US Chopin NW, WA State OAPC, Pacific NW Piano, EMTA scholarship, Seattle Bach Festivals, and so on.

Michelle's talent has been recognized by many renowned pianists, and she has had the opportunity to participate in master classes with Ilana Vered, Arthur Greene, Haewon Song, Robert Shannon, James Giles, and Joseph Rackers. Michelle was also selected to participate in the Vivace International Piano Festival, Seattle Chamber Music Society Young Artist Showcase Concert and Seattle Chamber Music Academy.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Michelle also enjoys playing competitive badminton and pursuing her interests in writing, drawing, painting, and coding. She also regularly performs recitals for senior homes, sharing her music with the elderly and bringing joy to their lives.

1. Prelude and Fugue in B Major (WTK, Book II, No.23) BWV 892, J. S. Bach, 6:02

2. Barcarolle in F Sharp Major Op. 60,  F. Chopin, 8:42