Sunday, July 17, 2022

Matthildur Traustadóttir | 3rd Prize | Violin | 9th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition

Matthildur Traustadóttir, 17, started playing the violin at the age of seven. Right from the beginning she was in love with her violin and ever since, she has worked very hard to develop the musical and technical skills in her playing. At a young age, the concert master of the symphony orchestra of Tenerife, professor Fernando Fragoso Hernández, wanted to be her mentor.

After moving to Iceland in 2020 Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, professor at the University of Arts of Iceland and previously the concert master of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, took over as her master.

Matthildur has been awarded as the student of honor both in school and in her conservatory of music several times. She has a lot of experience playing in different orchestras like the Icelandic Youth Symphony Orchestra (she entered the orchestra as soon as she moved to Iceland in 2020 but due to covid-19 the concert in Harpa, the main concert hall of Iceland, was posponed until 2021) and the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Tenerife (from 2018 to 2020). Matthildur has also participated in many chamber groups over the last seven years and she was chosen to play as one of the soloists in the chamber group in the conservatory of Tenerife in various pieces like the Vivaldi concerto for two violins and the Concerto Grosso.

Matthildur participated in the Harpa International Music Academy in 2021, as well as the swedish YOMA music program. She has often been selected to play as a soloist in special concerts. Recently she won the soloist competition of MÍT and will play the solo piece Poeme, after Chausson, with the symphony orchestra this year, 2022.

When she is not playing the violin, she enjoys dancing, painting and having fun with her friends and family. She lived 12 years of her life in Tenerife, Spain, and therefore, speaks Spanish like a native speaker, as well as Icelandic. She also speaks English fluently and a little bit of French and Italian but would love to learn more of these last two, since she likes learning languages. She loves reading and doing outdoor activity.

"Poéme, Ernest Chausson, 15min and 20 sec. 

Violin Sonata 1 - Adagio, Johann Sebastian Bach, 4min.