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Yixuan Liu | 1st Prize | Winds & Percussion | 10th Edition | ENKOR Int'l Music Competition


She is currently a fourth year university student majoring in Western percussion in the Department of Modern Instrumental and Percussion at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She studied percussion from a young age and was admitted to Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2020 with the highest score in her major. She studied under Professors Yang Ruwen and Zhou Xiong. In October 2023, she was recommended to be exempted from the postgraduate qualification in Western percussion at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

She has won the first prize in the youth group of the 2018 and 2019 IPEA Shanghai Percussion Elite Competition, including Malimba and Xiaojun Drum; 2019 PAS China 3rd International Percussion Art Festival Malimba Solo Gold Award and Small Military Drum Solo Silver Award; The 2019 Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Percussion Festival and the 4th IPEA International Percussion Competition won the first place in the small military drum solo of the Philharmonic Youth Group and the second place in the Marimba solo; 2021 Swiss ISC International Music Competition Soloist Percussion Instrument Adult Group Special Prize; Second prize in the professional category of Western percussion instruments for adults at the 2021 Canadian International Music Competition; First prize in the adult group of percussion instruments at the 2022 Hungarian International Music Competition; Second prize in the adult group of percussion instruments at the 2022 Poland International Youth Musicians Competition; Second prize in the adult group of the 2023 Swedish International Percussion Competition; The 7th IPEA International Percussion Competition in 2023 won the third prize of the Marimba Group A performer; The 7th IPEA International Percussion Competition in 2023 won the second prize for the timpani in Group A.

During her school years, she participated in the celebration performances of the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening up in Pudong, the special concert of the Music Education and Art Industry Development Alliance in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Red Flag Song - Chinese and Foreign Classic Ensemble Concert, the first China (Ningxia) International Wine Culture and Tourism Expo ""Wine Night at the East Foot of Helan Mountain"" concert, the 2021 Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Digital Music Festival Game Music Award concert, the 2022 Shanghai Conservatory of Music 95th Anniversary Concert, the 2022 Shanghai Conservatory of Music · German Big Bear Art Cooperation Mechanism Annual Concert, the 2023 Jia Daqun teacher's new work ""Hexing Eight Songs"" premiere ""Extreme"" chamber music work concert and professional record recording, and the 2023 Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra Concerto Concert. Concert, the 7th IPEA International Percussion Multimedia Large scale Percussion Symphony Poetry Performance ""The Call of Sigangli - Dialogue between Authenticity and Avant-garde"" in 2023, participated in the 90th Anniversary Celebration Concert of BERGERAULT in France in 2023, the 96th Anniversary Concert of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, professional percussion performance record recording of ""THE WAVE"", and the ""2024 Wuxi Symphony - World Hears New Year Concert"", Large performances such as ""2024 Langyue Huanxing and Masters Hand in Hand in the Future New Year Symphony Concert"", ""2024 Magnolia International Music Festival New Year Concert"", ""New Spring · New World Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival Concert of Wuxi Symphony Orchestra"", etc. He has performed on stage with cellist Wang Jian, soprano singer Wu Bixia, Song Qian, baritone singer Liao Changyong, famous performers Lang Lang, Mazuyev, Wu Yuxia, Deng Jiandong, Shi Yijie, and other artists. At the same time, as a member of the Lingling Art Troupe, I traveled to various parts of the country such as Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Shanxi, Zhejiang, and Yunnan for music performances.

《Merlin II》for solo marimba        
Andrew Chomas

Askell Másson